Best Spelling Test

Best Spelling Test

ดาวน์โหลด Best Spelling Test ฟรี

Have the potential but find it hard to practice for that spelling test? Become a spelling star just by using this app.
Or want to become a spelling bee champion but nobody has the time or patience to halo you get there? Then this is the app for you. The main features of the game Prerecord the sound of the word: with your own or your professors voice to avoid any confusion. Hint option available: it gives you a hangman style of hint so you know how many letters you need for that word.

Jumble option, try spelling the words with the letters scrambled. Unlimited words per test. Unlimited list of tests every week have one? No problem! Create a new test! Score track feature: know automatically if you got it right, and the correct spelling optionally!

After all this spelling practice you are getting that well deserved A+ for sure!

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